About Us

At Asiaworker, we believe that skilled worker recruitment from Asian countries can be done in a digital and better way in today’s technology Era. This activity has been exploitative, less transparent and inefficient which has resulted in lose - lose situation for both Employers and Workers.

We are excited and passionate about digitizing it through the Asiaworker mobile App and website by bringing the Blue collar workers on a Digital Platform and making them visible to Employers.

For Employer:

The skilled worker data collected through Asiaworker mobile App is shared with employers through Employer login. With this facility employer can access and search the data of workers using various parameters like age, education, experience, location etc. and see their video interview at a click of mouse. This adds value to the recruitment process and helps them to choose the right people first time.

For Worker:

Asiaworker is an Android App with Multi-Lingual support and worker friendly screens and icons. Workers can easily download the app, create their own profile by selecting their trade, sub-trade, education and experience. All workers are notified about interviews happening at various nearby trade test centers on daily basis thus opening a world of opportunities for them. The worker data is also shared with employers and agencies across the Globe who may get in touch with them directly and hire them.