How to create employer login and avail Asiaworker services? arrow_downward

The process of creating employer login is very simple. Visit www.asiaworker.com , on the top right corner of home page click on Sign up button which takes you to the employer registration form. Fill it out, OTP verify your Email Id and submit the form. You will get an email from us with your login credentials once your employer login is approved. Click here to watch video about how to fill the employer registration form.
Once the login is created it comes with a free trial quota which can be utilized by the employer without any payment. For additional quota of free trial the employer can request by sending a mail to [email protected].
Once you log in as an Employer you can search profiles by selecting trade, sub-trade, total experience, overseas experience, education and last active date of the candidates. Also a keyword search is available which will enable you to shortlist further.
Asiaworker (BSPL) is a technology start up and an aggregator which enables the blue collar workers to represent themselves on a digital platform by creating their profile in a mobile Asiaworker App. It also provides database search services to Employer and agencies across the globe which enables them to hire blue collar workers.
The concept of Asiaworker is to bring the blue collar workers on a digital platform where they are visible to prospective employers/agencies. The rationale is to make the skilled workers recruitment process transparent, efficient and free from exploitation.
The Employer always has an option to keep the overseas client name or information confidential, however some employers/agencies opt to advertise the overseas employer name in interview broadcast advertisement in order to attract more candidates.
Asiaworker is a unique mobile App designed for skilled workers to bring them on a digital platform. Workers can download the app, use multi-lingual screens, icons, multiple choice dropdown menus to create his profile by selecting his trade, sub-trade, experience etc. Other options include uploading a selfie, photo of his CV and video interview where he can answer pre-recorded questions in front of his mobile camera. Once App is installed he gets notification and broadcasts about interviews happening in nearby locations on daily basis which opens opportunity for employment. Further he can also explore various trade test centers, licensed recruitment agencies, get their details to contact them directly.